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The visual identity redesign for 21st Century followed an expedited path in order to be ready for the new school year. Our team designed and developed a complete brand identity system that honored the school’s past, but had a cleaner, more contemporary aesthetic. Their eagle icon was treated in a simpler, more streamlined manner, and was paired with an understated font.

Additionally, the Neff creative team built out a multi-year, integrated advertising campaign for 21CCCS, featuring real students and parents. The campaign emphasized the flexibility that online education offers young children, especially athletes and performers. As Creative Director throughout the entirety of our partnership, it was exciting to oversee such impactful change.

More Projects

Web & Mobile

After a few years of partnership, 21st Century engaged our team in a comprehensive custom website redesign process to improve the site’s navigation, content structure, and user experience.


The new website showcases expressive photography to create an emotional impact, while telling the story of the school and its diverse student body. To help increase conversions, we also focused on optimizing the enrollment form.

21st Century

21st Century Cyber Charter School (21CCCS) is Pennsylvania’s number one charter school for online learning. The school partnered with the Neff creative team for a rebrand, with the goal to increase student enrollment. It was important that the brand and message be enhanced to become more cohesive and contemporary. Through our branding and integrated marketing campaign efforts, the school increased enrollment by 157%.

Brand Development






Credit:  Neff Creative Team

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