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Let's get familiar.

I’m a dynamic, creative professional with a passion for shaping stories and building brands. As a member of the Philadelphia design community for the last 15 years, my most recent experience is leading a diverse, cross-disciplinary team of designers and brand strategists.

I believe that we are nothing without a strong foundation. My foundation, my fundamental core, is as a graphic designer. However, my professional life has evolved into that of a creative leader.

I have a passion for collaboration. My goal is to lead by example, embrace experiences and new perspectives, and always strive to tell a unique story.


I’m a planner and strategist at heart, and I‘m always aiming to leverage team strengths on behalf of my clients’ best interests. Across a variety of B2C and B2B clients, I‘ve utilized visual design, strategy, and written word to build the most compelling results for my clients. Let’s build something great together!

Adam Englehart

Creative Director  /  The EVERY Co.

A multi-disciplinary creative lead with fifteen years of agency experience across multiple markets and client segments. Driven by storytelling, meeting challenges, and bringing brands to life.

Brand — Concept  /  Strategy  /  Messaging  /  Visual Identity  /  Copywriting  /  Photography


Team — Goal Tracking  /  Reporting  /  Brainstorming  /  Motivating  /  Team Building  /  Process + Protocols

Account — Deliver Pitches  /  Build Presentations  /  Idea Workshops  /  Budget Tracking  /  Set Timelines  /  Details + Listening

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