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Barrett DeAngelo wanted to stand out from other local law firms with a fresh and professional visual look. The firm came to Neff for a re-brand, updated website and to gain notice through Public Relations efforts. They wanted to stand out in the Philadelphia law firm industry and reflect their contemporary practice styles in their new brand. Their primary branding goal was to be user-friendly and approachable and make their website experience as informational, but understandable, as possible.

Our team developed new branding to set Barrett DeAngelo apart in the market while also conveying professionalism. We also designed and implemented a new templated website that is easy to use and understand. Through an integrated marketing effort, Neff’s PR team also coordinated initiatives to increase Barrett DeAngelo’s exposure in the Philadelphia market.

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Neff utilized a templated WordPress theme that was contemporary and minimalist to tell the Barrett DeAngelo story. Our team implemented their content in an understandable way, eliminating confusing legal language and creating a user-friendly layout and navigation. To reflect the bold simplicity of the new word mark, we used black and white as the primary color palette for the website and incorporated the brand blue in subtle accent locations throughout, such as hover states and active links.

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Barrett DeAngelo

A Philadelphia law firm offering boutique counsel with big firm resources. Their mission is to help clients find resolution through legal process. They seek to identify and develop real life stories and allow those stories to drive, define and determine case outcomes. As creative lead on the project I helped concept, develop, and implement the design strategy with my team at Neff.

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Credit:  Neff Creative Team

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