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Chester County Parks + Preservation oversees select agricultural property, open spaces, and parks + trails in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The organization provides preservation, recreation, education, and stewardship services that allow residents and visitors to connect with nature and the community. Neff partnered with Chester County to restructure the brand and develop a new visual identity to meet evolving needs.

Using an integrated approach, Neff created updated branding to reflect the organization’s updated name and create a more contemporary and vibrant aesthetic. Our team leveraged photography, videography, and social media services to help humanize the brand and show everything the parks, programs and their knowledgable employees have to offer.

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Our team continually visits all of the parks, trails and open spaces that make up Chester County Parks + Preservation. During these visits, we photograph the natural surroundings, animals, and rangers in their environments.

Neff was able to establish a creative outlet to showcase everything Chester County Parks + Preservation has to offer, as well as making it a priority to highlight the unique team of park rangers that dedicate their careers to these places.

Chester County Parks + Preservation

The team at Chester County Parks + Preservation aims to connect people to agriculture, open lands, and community parks + trails throughout Chester County, Pennsylvania. The Neff team collaborated with CCPP to help rebrand and relaunch the organization across multiple channels and to a variety of audiences. As creative director at Neff, I led my team from initial concept through design and implementation on digital, print, web and beyond.

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Credit:  Neff Creative Team

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