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Introducing: EVERY Egg. The world’s first liquid egg made without the hen. Made with egg protein brewed by yeast, EVERY Egg’s exceptional taste and versatile performance were crafted to the standards of the world’s leading chefs. In December 2023, EVERY Egg exclusively debuted at Eleven Madison Park in New York City, a three-star Michelin restaurant considered among the world’s best of the best. The culinary virtuosos at Eleven Madison Park cultivated a bespoke menu starring EVERY Egg in cocktails and never-before-tasted dishes specially crafted for the occasion, each a consummate work of art. Campaign photography by Sara Sanger.

Product Launch






Credit:  EVERY®

Everything extraordinary begins with the egg. EVERY Egg fulfills the extraordinary promise of the humble egg but with even more benefits. Hailed for its quality by top chefs, it opens the door to a future where delicious, nutritious eggs are finally possible without the production variability, disease risk, and high environmental impact of animal agriculture. Our in-house team worked to brand and launch EVERY Egg with a private event at Chef Daniel Humm's Eleven Madison Park in NYC, attended by top chefs and creators.

As creative director, I helped lead EVERY's execution of the word mark, sample packaging, website and marketing materials across print and digital — including organic social with our partner, Conspirators. The event and launch lead to top tier press features in Fast Company and Florence Fabricant's Front Burner column in The New York Times. Additionally, content creators like Instagram's Molly Baz and TikTok's Jon Kung promoted the event to wider audiences. Phase 2 is a broader foodservice launch in 2024.

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