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My team and I worked with Mike McCann and his team throughout the naming process and agreed upon a classic, simple evolution of the name — “McCann.” To create a smooth transition for clients, we kept the tagline “The Mike McCann Team” in the primary logo. This component is easily removable as the brand progresses through its transition. 

For the visual identity, we designed a timeless, contemporary logo system, with modern brand elements and a new brand guidelines document that complies with the parent system for KW. To help relaunch to brand, we designed corresponding collateral, including home signage, to introduce the new brand throughout the city.

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McCann, previously known as “The Mike McCann Team,” partnered with Neff to refresh their brand and simplify their message. They needed a name evolution, as well as a brand system that would connect with a modern audience. With the rebrand, the goal was to spread awareness and a cohesive message throughout Philadelphia and beyond. 

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Credit:  Neff Creative Team

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