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Neff was hired as MTWB’s marketing partner to assist in connecting with the community, developing a cohesive brand/structure, and implementing it across all ongoing marketing efforts and outreach. The new brand needed to reflect the foundation’s mission and vision, enhance trust and credibility, increase engagement and civic pride, and promote connectivity and partnership.

As part of our ongoing partnership, Neff collaborated with the MTWB team to build and launch their new brand. Through a new logo and identity system, followed by a new custom website, MTWB’s message and brand awareness has expanded throughout the market. The early results have been overwhelmingly positive, with the organization already taking leaps into new growth. 

Make the World Better connects people and inspires stewardship through public space revitalization projects. Neff was fortunate enough to capture the people, neighborhoods, and stories that make Philadelphia so unique. This project set out to tell the story of how Make the World Better came to be while also focusing a lens on the power of developing personal relationships with the community. Make the World Better hosted its 5th annual concert benefit at The Dell Music Center in Philadelphia, PA on September 5th, 2019. The concert featured the bands  Future Islands, Hop Along, Strand of Oaks, and Karl Blau.

Make The World Better, is a 501(c)3 public charity founded in 2013 by Connor Barwin, during his first season playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. In spring 2018, MTWB merged with partner organization, Urban Roots, founded by Jeffrey Tubbs in 2008. MTWB believes that communities prosper when all people have access to high-quality, accessible and fun places to connect.

Benefit Concert

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Web & Mobile

My team designed and developed a custom website to reflect the youthful, vibrant energy of the brand. Using bold colors and playful shapes, our team communicated the foundation’s mission of engaging people of all ages to help improve their communities.

The responsive website functions as a community hub engagement and information center for all active MTWB projects. Editable sections on the customized Wordpress CMS allow for continued growth as the organization expands over time.

Make The World Better

Make The World Better connects people and inspires stewardship through public space revitalization projects throughout Philadelphia. As Creative lead at Neff, I helped collaborate on these designs and directed my creative team throughout the design and implementation.

Brand Development





2017 - 2022

Credit:  Neff Creative Team

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