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In developing ideas for the new logo, we started from principles of classical design and based our sketches on the proportions of the golden ratio. We wanted to ensure that every detail would correspond with the firm’s philosophy and fine tuned approach. The new logo demonstrates the classic elegance of the brand in a modern format. We paired a refined but readable serif typeface with a cleaner sans serif in a thoughtful and precisely laid out manner. The color palette is subtle and sophisticated so the photography and architecture can stand out.

As Creative Director at Neff, I oversaw the creation and development of a complete responsive identity system for this collaboration. My team also delivered a new responsive website that showcases PZA's beautiful portfolio of designs, as well as helped PZA communicate their strong, sophisticated brand story. Peter Zimmerman Architects now has the brand foundation structure in place to scale and promote their vision in a cohesive manner.

More Projects

Web & Mobile

We implemented a templated WordPress website to showcase PZA’s beautiful, classic work. The primary aesthetics of the website are black and white, with a brand green accent as the navigation background color and colored portfolio photos as the majority of the site color.


The site was designed with an overall minimalist approach in order to allow the beautiful architecture work to be the primary focus of the site. The most important and prominent part of the website are the portfolio pages, the CTA being purposely less important and only present in the footer and the navigation.

Peter Zimmerman Architects

PZA is an award-winning architecture firm with a philosophy rooted in classical tradition and beautiful technique. The firm is known for their superior custom designs and they needed updated branding that would capture the high quality of their work. Neff worked closely with the PZA team to develop a new brand and website that captures their elegance and classical approach.

Brand Development






Credit:  Neff Creative Team

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