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SEE Pest & Lawn approached Neff in 2019 for a brand redesign. The company needed an updated look in order to stand out in a large market of pest control and lawn care companies. Additionally, SEE was looking to develop separate logo identities for the pest and lawn services, while maintaining an overall cohesion.

We collaborated to help simplify and update SEE’s brand into two unique business marks that also function as part of the larger set. Each logo works from the same core elements but utilizes those elements differently. The icon flips 180 degrees in orientation depending on the service it’s representing.

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SEE Pest + Lawn

SEE Pest + Lawn is a comprehensive pest control and lawn services care company in the Greater Philadelphia region. I oversaw the creation of this visual rebrand with the Neff creative team while we carried through the goal of providing a unified brand presence and simultaneously giving each sub brand its own identity.

Brand Development






Credit:  Neff Creative Team

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