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Tuna Bar is the concept of Chef/entrepreneur Kenneth Sze.  Ken launched his unique, high quality restaurant in Philadelphia, one of the nation’s most competitive restaurant city’s in America. In 2017, Neff was hired to help name, develop the brand and ultimately help launch Tuna Bar into the Philadelphia market.

Our process spanned all agency services, and was a fully integrated approach. Throughout all our efforts, Neff provided Ken and Tuna Bar with a full suite of services to consistently leverage his brand and message throughout Philadelphia and beyond. We delivered a responsive brand system, brand messaging, collateral and marketing materials, and a strong web and social presence.

More Projects

Web & Mobile

Our custom design and build for Tuna Bar’s website was again meant to reflect the restaurant’s seamless blend of traditional and modern. As such, the site follows a simple structure, yet shirks expectation by having the content break the grid.


Featuring vibrant imagery and a customizable menu system, the site has been created so that Tuna Bar has something unique, yet fully within their control.

Tuna Bar

A Japanese raw bar created by owner and executive chef Ken Sze. Tuna Bar prides itself in featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients and hand-selected fish. My team and I collaborated to capture the perfect blend of traditional Sumi ink technique and contemporary aesthetic when building the Tuna Bar visual identity.

Brand Development






Credit:  Neff Creative Team

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